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How to use what you have to start funding your dreams, how to be smart with your money on the road, insurance, health care, and all things personal finance!

House Sitting

All you want to know about house sitting: how to get started, our lessons learned, and how much it costs.

Nomadic Lifestyle

This lifestyle is mostly amazing. But we’re not going to sugar coat anything, either! Let’s chat about the good, the bad, the options, and all the logistics about living this lifestyle.

On the blog

Should I pay off debt or invest my extra money?

Dan is a nomadic entrepreneur and financial planner, helping other business owners & travelers build a strong financial foundation to enable them to live out their dreams long-term. Today we’re talking about the pros and cons of paying off debt early or investing in the stock market.

Things You Need to Know before House Sitting Internationally

Things You Need to Know before House Sitting Internationally

Getting started with house sitting in your own country can seem daunting enough, but what about all the logistics involved with house sitting internationally? We’re interviewing Amy Bonnett, who has been house sitting with her husband in Europe for the year, to talk all things international house sitting!



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