Hey there! We’re Dan & Tracy. We currently live as digital nomads, although if images of hopping around Southeast Asia and Europe come to your mind, that’s not us.

For over a year now, we’ve been traveling the United States as full-time house sitters, living in other people homes, and watching their pets while they are away on vacation. 

In exchange for providing free pet care and home maintenance, we receive free housing. This lifestyle has allowed us to save thousands of dollars on rent and utilities every month while traveling this beautiful country!

Curious about how we got started? It’s easier than you might think! Check it out here.


How Do You Fund Your Lifestyle Then?


The truth is, our cost of living with house sitting is WAY less than it would be if we were living in our own home. You can take a look at exactly how much less here.

We do still need income to pay for gas, groceries, savings, and those pesky student loan payments though!

We started our house sitting adventure working for companies who let us both work remotely. However, in the summer of 2017, we both transitioned out of Corporate America to pursue running our own businesses online.


Our Businesses


Dan is a financial planner and founder of New Heights Financial Planning.  He works with clients who are also interested in pursuing a location-independent lifestyle, or want a financial advisor “on call” while they travel.  That’s where we came up with the idea to combine his expertise in personal finance with our experience living a nomadic lifestyle to bring you the Money Smart Nomad. 

We also run a virtual assistance and practice management firm for Financial Planners and Registered Investment Advisor firms, where Tracy works full-time as a Virtual Assistant.

We don’t make nearly as much money as we did when we lived in IL (yet), but the beautiful thing is we don’t need to!  We love traveling the country with house sitting and we love being our own bosses.


What’s Next?


Good question! We’re not entirely sure, if we’re being honest! In 2017, housesitting took us all across the western United States. In 2018, we’d love to venture out East and once our businesses are a bit more stable, we cannot wait to do a house sit in Australia/New Zealand or Europe!

Where Are We?

We love connecting with other like-minded travel seekers! Find us on social media.


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