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We are personal finance experts who are passionate about sharing financial smarts for living a location-independent, nomadic lifestyle. Here’s how we can help.


How to use what you have to start funding your dreams, how to be smart with your money on the road, insurance, health care, and all things personal finance!

House Sitting

All you want to know about house sitting: how to get started, our lessons learned, and how much it costs.

Nomadic Lifestyle

This lifestyle is mostly amazing. But we’re not going to sugar coat anything, either! Let’s chat about the good, the bad, the options, and all the logistics about living this lifestyle.

On the blog

Our new, crazy, 4-year money goal

Our new, crazy, 4-year money goal

Dan recently sat down with our friends, Chris and Amanda, to talk about their debt pay-off story for The Money Smart Nomad Podcast.  They paid off a massive amount of student loans in less than four years with nothing but hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Check...

8 Tips for Sticking With Your Budget

8 Tips for Sticking With Your Budget

As 2018 gets into swing, some of us can find it hard to stick with new budgeting goals for the year. I’ve put together 8 tips to help you stick to your spending plan month after month.



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